Danny Cao is a trumpeter, singer, composer, arranger and producer; born, raised and residing in San Francisco. His current projects include the DU UY Quintet, The Chesscapades, Inspector Gadje, LoCura, Istanbul Connection. He has worked with Manicato, Vinyl, Royal Jelly Jive, Bayonics, J.C. Hopkins, Mars Villa, Big Bones and many San Francisco Bay Area groups. He has also performed with bay area theater group We Players in their productions of Hamlet on Alcatraz and The Odyssey on Angel Island. Danny Cao is also an active trumpet and music teacher in San Francisco and the East Bay. He regularly teaches at Union Music Company at 1710-B Market St; San Francisco, CA 94102. To inquire about lessons simply email: caodanny@hotmail.com .  

The DU UY Quintet was formed with the aim of presenting new, interesting, and diverse original music. More a compositional ensemble than a genre-derived group, DU UY Quintet’s identity is found within the stylistic interplay of the musicians rather than a pre-defined style of music. This allows DU UY Quintet the compositional freedom to write and perform music of varying styles (funk, boleros, jazz, electronica, drum and bass, samba, rock, cha cha, bossa nova, et al) yet still retain a strong, identifiable group sound. DU UY Quintet’s shows provide head-turning music for audience members just discovering the group, and new and constantly evolving compositions for repeat listeners. DU UY Quintet has performed at a wide range of venues in the San Francisco bay area since August 2004. In addition, all of the musicians have been and are currently performing with some of the most exciting groups in the country.  We are looking forward to bringing the new, diverse, and enjoyable music of DU UY Quintet to as many people as possible. DU UY Quintet... duuyquintet@yahoo.com.... http://www.duuy.net